A BEFORE INSERT Trigger means that event is triggered prior to new data being added to the table


The syntax to create a BEFORE INSERT Trigger in MySQL is:

Parameters or Arguments

OR REPLACE: It is an optional parameter. It is used to re-create the trigger if it already exists. It facilitates you to change the trigger definition without using a DROP TRIGGER statement.
trigger_name : The name of the trigger to create.
BEFORE INSERT: It indicates that the trigger will fire before the INSERT operation is executed.
table_name : The name of the table that the trigger is created on.


  • You can not create a BEFORE trigger on a view.
  • You can update the NEW values.
  • You can not update the OLD values.


Let’s look at an example of how to create an BEFORE INSERT trigger using the CREATE TRIGGER statement in MySQL.

If you had a table created as follows:

We could then use the CREATE TRIGGER statement to create an BEFORE INSERT trigger as follows:

In this  trigger when a new row is added to the t_contacts  table dtCreatedOn will be set to current date and time and the vchCreatedBy will set as the logged user name.


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